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A new Project: SEO Space Content – Check your SEO metrics

Do you ask yourself sometimes if your website’s SEO is really doing well? You have no idea where you can check your SEO metrics? No problem, we have the solution: SEO Space Content.

How can I check my SEO metrics?

In just a few clicks you can figure out how your site’s SEO is doing. SEO Space Content checks your website for free by analyzing the metrics mentioned below. We help you to optimize your website for search engines.

To give you a breakdown of your SEO metrics, we analyze the following data:

  • Keywords
  • Pages without title
  • Pages with repeated titles
  • Pages without H1
  • Pages without H2
  • Images without ALT
  • Broken Links
  • Pages without description
  • Pages with repeated description
  • Pages with few content
  • etc.




Get an overview of all the important SEO-Metrics

OnPage SEO metrics


Get a list of all the keywords found on your site

keywords seo metrics 2


Full analysis of every single page

keywords seo metrics

SEO Space Content is an easy tool to optimize your website for SEO. Try it for yourself, we’re sure you won’t regret it. Since the project is in its beta stage, we’d love to hear your feedback – and we’re open for questions too! 😉
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