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We have something for you – Free SEO tools

Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing are two things which cannot be divided. Everything’s spinning around the internet, users and how they use it. Advertiser who want to reach more clients or publisher who want to reach more readers need a highly-professional website which combines User Experience and functionality. But even the best website will not appear in the first results of a websearch if it doesn’t meet all essential criteria. So, Advertiser and Publisher mustn’t forget SEO.

The World Wide Web provides some really great SEO tools which helps to see if you meet some of the criteria.

Our Team has also worked on the subject and developed a few helpful SEO tools:

1. Tool for checking some SEO Data:

With this tool you can check some of the important SEO Data of your own website or those of your competitors. To use it, you just fill in the URL of the website you want to check and in just a few seconds you have a result.

screenshot of one of the seo tools

Screenshot of the tool

You’ll be shown the Angezeigt werden der Sistrix Visibility Index and also MOZRank, MOZ Domain Authority and MOZ Page Authority. All these information give you a clue whether your website is successful regarding to SEO or not. Here you can find the tool:


2. Keyword-Tool – which keywords are on my website?

Now we have a rather special SEO-Tool for you: One to analize keywords. The tool show how many keywords are used on a website and most of all how many relevant keywords. To use it, users just fill in the URL of the website they want to check. But please note: only the keywords on the given website will be checked, not the whole domain.

keyword tool
The keyword tool will show you these results.

The keyword tool finds out, how many words there are on the website, which and how many keywords are in it as well as the keywords density. Moreover the results show the content structure of the website. What has been given as title, meta and headings. At this point, user can see if their website has any problems and ask themselves, if they used the right keywords in an appropriate amount.

Here you’ll find this unbeatable tool:


3. QuickPass – Sending encrypted messages

Not necessarily important for SEO, but really useful for everybody who’s working on and with the internet. Our tool to transmit sensitive data – passwords, confirm codes and so on.

QuickPass tool
That’s how you use the tool

That’s how it goes: Fill in the required fields and secure your data with a security question. The “secret” sensitive data will be saved and encrypted on our TÜV-certified servers. After the receiver read the message, the data will be deleted immediately from our servers.  Your way to the tool:

These SEO tools are really great, aren’t they? Dear readers, please try out our tools and tell us what you think. We’re excited to hear your opinion – contact us!

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