Leginda Business Translation

webmaster2go has been hard-working!

The web development team has been working steadily since webmaster2go first started. The result: A new plugin for WordPress!

The LEGINDA WP Translate Plugin is a cost-free tool for translations of website content in WordPress performed by professional translators.

Thanks to the tool, website content can be selected particularly and exported for the translation.

The translations can be imported back into the designated sites by drag and drop into a dedicated field.


Leginda GmbH is an online translation agency: You can order translations directly via the portal http://www.leginda.de. Prices and delivery dates are displayed before ordering.

For new business customers, the first translation up to € 20,00 EUR, $ 22,00 US or £ 17,00 is free. Doesn’t that sound great?

How can I export the content of my web?

Activate the Leginda Translations for WordPress Plugin and go to the Plugin Site on your personal Dashboard. Click on the Post or Sites Site and then you will see all your content listed there. Select the target language of the translation and click on export. You can select any content you want. The plugin will automatically export and download the files to your computer.


How can I import the files?

After receiving the files from Leginda, just drag and drop the files into the Plugin site. If you have the WPML Plugin, you don’t have to do anything else, since it will create a new translation for you.


How can I translate the content?

Sent the exported files to Leginda and they will send you back the translated content. You only have to drag and drop the files you receive, nothing else! Could it be any easier?


Do I need the WPML Plugin?

No, but: WPML will facilitate things a lot, because it will create new tranlations of the original post with the imported content and you won’t have to do anything else. In just a few clicks, your entire website can be translated into any language. If you don’t have the WPML, the plugin will import the content to a new post, but you will have to manage the translations manually.

Try it out! We assure you, the plugin will make your life easier! 😉

Way to go! We’re really excited about what our web development team is going to create next!

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